Most Able Pupils

Most Able Pupils

We have very high expectations of all children at Brownlow.  We ensure that each child achieves the best they can.  The most able pupils are identified and their special educational needs supported in many ways throughout their time at Brownlow Primary School. Class lessons are always differentiated with open-ended questions included to ensure that all children are challenged in their learning.  We provide most able pupils with high levels of challenge, open ended tasks where a variety of methods and outcomes can be used and found, targets that stretch their learning and opportunities for independent and peer led learning.  This is what is now called ‘mastery’.

Suggestions for supporting the most able children at home (but these can clearly be used for all children too!):

  • Read with them, and to them, even if they are good readers.
  •  Children enjoy learning new words. Have a new ‘word of the week’ at home.
  •  Extend their general knowledge with a ‘fact of the week’.
  •  Encourage physical activity to develop co-ordination and general fitness.
  •  Do not always focus on your child’s obvious skills. Encourage him or her to try new activities.
  •  Computing offers huge possibilities. Schools can advise on appropriate websites.
  •  All types of puzzles, crosswords, logic games, word games, card games and board games help to develop children’s thinking skills and social interaction.
  •  Learn a new language together.
  •  Give children a broad range of experiences.

Sometimes the most effective support that a parent can provide may be to limit the number of engagements and formal activities their child is exposed to, in order to ensure that the child has the space and free time in which to play, experiment and develop hobbies and interests of his or her own.

I really like how hard my lessons are – they make me think and mean I don’t just find the right answer all the time.

Jack, Year 5