Before & After school club

Before and After school club

Your questions answered

Manager/EYFS Key Worker/Safeguarding Coordinator – Carmel Rolph and Ros Cooley

Contact details

Childcare Club 07800 855182

Kaleidoscope Office 07557 453806

How it will work

Drop off. Please inform your child’s teacher that they are booked into the club as afternoon sessions start when the school day finishes. Key stage 1 children are collected from their classrooms at 3.10pm. Key stage 2 children should make their own way to the classroom without delay. Children will be registered in arrival.

Collection. Please let us know if you have arranged for your child to be collected by someone other than the nominated person on the collection form. We do charge a late collection fee to cover the staffing cost.

Unable to attend. If your child is unable to attend the club or is not at school for any reason please let us know before the end of the school day by calling or texting the club phone line.  Leave a message stating the child’s name, your name and your relationship to the child, the reason for the absence and expected date of return. There is no charge if your child is absent from school due to illness, residential or day school trips but please let us know before the session starts as cancelled sessions will be charged in full!

Costs and payment

As we are a ‘not for profit’ organisation our fees are designed to just cover our costs.  We charge a £30 per family registration fee. You will then pay £3.80 per hour. We ask that all bills are settled at the end of each month, this ensures we are able to concentrate on caring for the children, rather than chasing unpaid bills.

Working Tax Credit

If you are on a low income you may be entitled to help with child care costs, we can provide help with completing the forms – so please just ask.

Voucher Schemes

We do accept Childcare Vouchers. Some employers offer voucher schemes, this saves you money.  The first £50 a week supplied via childcare vouchers is exempt from Tax and National Insurance contributions.  You only pay tax and NI on the reduced level of your salary, saving you money on childcare costs. Find out if your employer offers the voucher scheme.