Family Forum

Family Forum

At Brownlow Primary School we are committed to listening and responding to the views of our parents and carers. As well as regular communication through being about at the end of the school day, letters and Parent Mail, the ‘Brownlow Bugle’ and other forms, we hold Family Forum meetings where parent volunteers and a governor representative discuss with the school any issues raised by parents and carers.

We think it is important to work closely with our school community to ensure parents/ carers are completely happy with their child’s education and feel that their opinions are listened to and acted upon.

The main aims of the Family Forum are:

  • To support and promote the learning of each child
  • To listen to what parents/ carers think about important issues
  • To involve parents/ carers in school decisions
  • To make plans that support the way the school wants to develop and improve outcomes for children.

The date for the next Family Forum will be shared with parents and carers soon.

Agreed Terms of Reference

January 2016 minutes

November 2015 minutes

July 2015 minutes

May 2015 minutes

March 2015 minutes

January 2015 minutes

November 2014 minutes

You are very welcome to pop along to the next Family Forum if you would like to get involved!

See the latest newsletter or chat to Mr Nash to find out when the next Forum is taking place.

Alternatively, if you are unable to attend but would like to make a suggestion for the Family Forum to discuss, there are three thing you can do:

  • Fill in a yellow ‘Family Forum suggestion’ slip and pop it into the suggestion box in the front office
  • Email the office (see the ‘Contact’ tab on the main menu)
  • Chat to a member of staff